Ultimate Resource Page for Mobile Gamers Wanting To Start a YouTube Channel

Welcome to the free training on how to create a successful YouTube channel! We will start off from beginner all the way to advanced!


Step 1: Create Your YouTube Channel Account

This video below shows you how to create your channel account from scratch. In runs you through all the basics. It is really simple and easy to follow.

Other key factors you need to know about your channel:

Uploading copyrighted music in your videos is bad, once you get 3 strikes, you are out. So make sure to use copyright free music. Check out the music of some of the royalty free music you can use below.

Step 2: Getting Tools and Equipment To Record

Depending on your starting budget, I have a list of suggestions for you to choose from. Now, starting out with cheap equipment will net you with lower quality videos, but as long as you get started, you can always upgrade later.

Recording (free)

1) OBS Recorder for YouTube and Streaming (PC)

2) Sidesync (Android to PC)

2) Mobizen (Android)

This one has a slight learning curve and below are videos to help you get started.

He goes over the technical details that you will need to know in order to record YouTube videos.

Recording (Paid)

For streaming iOS, I use Airserver ($15 bucks now I think).

For those that want higher quality videos, you will have to invest.

For decent quality, I recommend using Screen-o-matic. It is only 15 bucks per year and you won’t need to download anything to record videos.

For high quality video recording, Elgato is recommended. This is used by top YouTubers like Tim from Clash with Ash. Also, you can read his interview here to see how he got to 200,000+ subscribers.

Video Editing

For decent quality and editing, I personally use WeVideo. It is also quite cheap at $69 bucks per year, you can make and edit unlimited videos.


You can start with your own gaming headset if you are tight on money. I was using this $23 headset to record my voice on Amazon. But for real quality voice recording, you are going to have to invest.

A Blue Yeti Microphone is a great starter mic and it will be more than enough to get a good sound quality going.


You can use the following online picture editor/maker to start:

You can also use Adobe Photoshop Illustrator if you already have it or is skilled at using it.



It is very important know what keywords you want to use for your video. This tool by far is the best that you can use to come up with video ideas and what Google and Youtube searchers are looking for.


If you are into specific games, just type in that game and you will find keywords that you may miss while making videos.

For most videos that will get residual traffic after your subs have watched the video, you want to go after the following titles (X is the game):

  • X guide for beginners [Tips and Tricks]
  • X monster/character review
  • X Event
  • X game mechanics
  • X tier list

Building Your Channel (Powerbang Tips)

To start out, you can use bluestacks if you are trying to record the gameplay footage on your computer.

Marketing Strategies Used

Don’t worry much about video quality at first. You can upgrade as you get more subs and some income coming in.

Posting on Forums – Powerbang posts his videos on the SuperCell forums consistently while trying to grow his channel.

Posting on Reddit – Posting videos on sub-reddit (in this case, Clash of Clans Reddit) to garner some views and exposure.

Being Consistent with Publishing Videos – People will come back if you consistently make videos weekly. Be it 1/2/5/7 videos a week, as long as you publish, you will always see an upward trajectory. Powerbang started out doing 1 video weekly, but eventually he went up to 3-5 weekly and then eventually one video a day.

In short, daily content is the best way to grow your channel…

How YouTube Monetization Works

Youtube pays you per 1,000 views and that’s all based on ad revenue. So a bidding process takes place every single time someone watches your video. Advertisers have a split second or a microsecond to bid on that videos view, and you get a percentage of that advertisement fee. Per 1,000 views. So that sounds like a pretty high threshold.

Unfortunately, gamers don’t spend a lot of money on ads.  It tends to be a younger audience, and that definitely affects how much you’ll be paid as a gamer on youtube. Because the most people watching your videos are 16 year old boys and those boys aren’t going to be buying many ads for the most part.

So because of that our CPM (clicks per minute) will be a little lower, per 1000 views. Some people may get paid up to 10 dollars per 1000 views. But for gaming though, expect 50 cents to 2 dollars per 1000 views.

Multi Channel Networks (MCN)

Please do not join any of the MCN as they are not worth it to further taking ad revenue away from you. Many have been screwed over by these networks, so be warned…

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